What is the difference between a network locked device and an unlocked device?

How to find out if my mobile phone is locked to a network?

To find out if your device is locked, try a SIM card from a different network to you. If it allows you to make a call it is an unlocked phone.

How do I get my device unlocked?

If you would like to get your mobile unlocked, you can do so by contacting the network the device is locked to. The network in question should be able to unlock your device. Although please note they may charge you a small fee for the privilege.

The reason why we recommend you go to the network directly and we don’t offer this SIM unlocking service ourselves, is because by doing so we could make your device warranty invalid.

Are Carphone Warehouse Business phones unlocked?

We prefer to give our customers the freedom to change networks therefore most of our phones we sell aren’t locked to a network. The main exception to this rule are iPhones. Apple’s software means although you will buy it SIM free, it will become locked to the first network you use it with, e.g. as soon as you put your new SIM in your new iPhone it will then become locked to that network.

Unsure which network is best for your business?

We understand that it can be frustrating for your entire business to be tied to one network, so that’s why we offer multiple network deals. But if you’re not sure which network(s) offers the best coverage for your critical business locations then our coverage checker pack can help you decide. Our Coverage Checker Pack is completely free of charge, and will let you actually test the coverage of each network before you commit to a contract. Call 0800 049 6000 to request your free coverage checker pack.