Feeling the burn? Here’s why a summer of sport could supercharge your start-up

With the Cricket World Cup around the corner it might be time you consider taking a break to catch an over or two

OK, so nobody told you it would be easy but after months of 18-hour days, chasing payments and struggling to afford a desk – never mind an office –  it’s not surprising that you’re feeling like you could do with a week off to sleep before you get back to even feeling remotely normal.

It’s also no wonder therefore why a 2014 study suggested that time taken off due to stress, leading to poor mental health, cost the UK economy 4.5 per cent of Britain’s GDP.

However, with so much to do, so little time and (likely) very few people to help you, can you really spare the time to think about something other than your start-up?

Well, taking a break doesn’t have to mean jetting off to a wi-fi free festival or going off the grid in a faraway land. It can just mean giving yourself the headspace to switch off and think about something other than your start-up. And with the Cricket World Cup, Women’s World Cup, League of Nations and the Ashes around the corner, watching sport could be the salvation you need.

Here’s three reasons why taking even a short sporting break could benefit your start-up this summer:

1.  Team time – while you might be together most days and know lots about one another, there’s a big difference between time spent in the office and time spent outside of it. So, why not use this summer’s packed sporting calendar to bring your team closer together? Organising a social around a sports fixture is a simple and easy way to thank your team for their hard work and revitalise the kind of comradery that has helped bring your business so far already.

2.  Give your brain a break – taking time off is proven to replenish your brain’s attention and productivity as well as motivation and creativity. Failing to take a break therefore could limit your output, leaving you at risk of falling short of your best work - which is exactly what your clients and customers come to you for. It sounds counterintuitive but switching off might allow you to properly switch on this summer.

3.  Take the lead – as an entrepreneur, it’s part of your job to set an example to your team. If you’re working every hour under the sun, they’re going to feel pressure to do the same and that’s not inducive to a productive, happy and retained workforce. Set an example by taking time off for sport this summer and encourage your team to do the same.

Whether it’s ten days or ten minutes, taking a break will benefit you and your business this summer. And with so much sport on show, there’s plenty of opportunities for you to enjoy an over, innings or even a match, and to give your brain that break it deserves. So, embrace sport and encourage your team to do the same too – your start-up’s customers and clients are likely to thank you. 

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