Stick or switch?

Stick or switch? Here’s why dumping your existing suppliers could save you serious cash

In business, every penny counts. And never is this truer than when you’re running a start-up or small business, where spare pennies can be few and far between.

As spending mounts – from tech and team costs to office space and supplier services – how can you really ensure you’re getting real bang for your buck?

Every provider will tell you they’re offering a “market leading service,” at a “best possible price,” but they can’t all be right. No surprise then that the stats tell a different story: recent research found that UK small businesses are overspending. On energy bills alone, they are being taken to the tune of £532 each per year, a total cost of more than £7 billion in 2018.

How do you ensure your business really is getting the best deal? Here are three quick and simple tips to save you and your small business serious amounts of money:

1.  Drop your mobile network: The average business mobile customer who switched their contract last year saved an impressive £220; a big saving for a small business and one that shouldn’t be sniffed at.

And while you might think that switching networks could be more hassle than its worth, new Ofcom legislation means switching is simpler than ever and providers are under new pressure to ensure it happens within 24 hours – meaning you can start saving straight away.

For more information on how this legislation could benefit you and your business, click here.

2.  Re-energise: Comparing energy providers on your own can be overwhelming. With so many options out there, it’s difficult to make sure you’re choosing the right option for you. With Carphone Warehouse Business’ Business Energy Saver, nine out of ten businesses that have contacted us have saved on their energy bills.

Get in touch, and the team can help you make sure you’re getting the best value contracts and minimising your carbon footprint. Switching energy provider needn’t be something to dread when you have our experts on hand to do it all for you.

3.  Space saving: If you’re renting office space that’s larger than you require, you could be putting your business at serious risk, tying up precious cash that could be better spent elsewhere. And while it’s easy to be blindsided by flashy working spaces (or the shared spaces with prosecco on tap and a weekly diary of social events) there are still office locations out there that cater for a more cost-conscious small business owner. 

Make sure to do your research before signing on the dotted line for an office, when a desk in a shared working space may well do.

And while these are just three simple examples of how you could save your small business money, there are plenty more out there. So, when you do get a spare moment, make sure to use it wisely and you could find yourself a few spare pennies – these always come in handy!

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We want to do all we can to help your business’ bottom line, so, if you find a cheaper deal at O2, EE or Vodafone, we’ll match it. And give you one month’s line rental free!

At Carphone Warehouse Business, we compare the widest choice of networks, phones and tariffs to find the right deal for you. We are so confident that we won’t be beaten on price by any of our high street competitors; we’ve introduced our Price Promise. This means if you find a better upgrade, pay monthly or pay monthly SIM only deal on any smartphone at O2, EE or Vodafone, we’ll match it and pay your first month’s line rental. It has to be an above the line deal from a competitor. Proof of the offer will be required.

Our dedicated team of trained business experts are here to help. They can recommend the best network, tariff and handsets for your business. With our impartial knowledge, huge range and fast response times, we make it easy to find you the right deal.

Time is money – that’s why we offer a next business day delivery. Total reassurance with next day warranty replacement. Get a next day like for like replacement for faulty handsets instead of waiting for it to be sent back to the manufacturer for repair.

Next business day applies after the completion of a successful credit check.

Get in touch with our team of experts and tell us your business needs. They’ll then search all the networks and tariffs to find you the best deal for your business, guaranteed.