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Get up to £250 off the price of your new Samsung Galaxy S9 when you pre-order with us!

Getting your hands on the new S9 suddenly got a lot more attractive. If you currently have an S6 or S7 device we are offering you up to £250 off the cost of your new deal simply by trading it in. We’re topping up your trade in price by a whopping £100, so based on current trade-in values of a working S7 Edge you could be getting a £250 discount off your new S9.

Get your enhanced trade-in deal in 3 easy steps:


Trade in promotion is based on the Carphone Warehouse trade-in values of both the S6 and S7 handset range in good working order. To be eligible for the promotion you must trade in your old S^ or S7 via the Carphone Warehouse trade-in service during the pre-order phase. The value of your discount will be made up of whatever the value of your traded in device is plus £100 fixed cashback from us. The full value of the discount will be paid to you after 30 days from the date of connection subject to providing us with the following information: IMEI of the S9 device you’ve purchased, IMEI of the S6 or S7 device you have traded in plus details of the exact Model (eg S7 Edge 64GB) and proof of trade-in. Proof of trade in must be provided to our service team on email as a screenshot of trade-in transaction receipt of confirmation email. Standard Carphone Warehouse trade-in terms apply:

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