The Vodafone mobile network is an excellent choice for business users. Our Vodafone deals can be tailored to cater for the different needs of every employee by allowing your business to have different handsets and tariffs under one account.

Vodafone business tariffs range from basic bundles right through to high usage options including calls, text messages and data allowance for email and internet access. We offer a variety phones available on Vodafone business contracts, but take a look at some of our favourite handsets below.

To view the level of coverage in your area view the ofcom coverage checker

If you’re after single or solo business user plans then the Red Business tariffs are for you; talk and text as much as you like with lots of data. Additional free SIMs available to share your data allowances with another device on the Vodafone 4G Red Business plans. Sharer Plans are for those businesses that have more than one mobile user, allowing you to share minutes and texts across all employees, this is provided on one bill and one plan. For further details on Vodafone's business mobile plans please call 0800 049 600 or compare deals by visiting our deal builder.

The Vodafone One Net Express product gives your business a landline number that will ring straight to your mobile. This is the easy way to give your business local credibility without the hassle of having a separate landline contract or installation.


Vodafone has designed their 4G Red Business plans with the freedom to talk and text as much as you want and share data with another device. Vodafone 4G will ensure your business stays competitive with fast access to everything you need and the power to respond quickly to your customers.


You can give your business the credibility it deserves with Office 365. For a very low monthly fee you can get your own business domain email, website and the latest version of the Microsoft Office Suite.  Office 365 is a secure and professional cloud-based (externally hosted) IT service. Choosing Office 365 will allow your business to work virtually anywhere you want on the device of your choice. Vodafone Office 365 provides ultra-flexibility meaning the product can grow with your company, it can be scaled quickly and easily to suit your business demands. Office 365 with Vodafone gives businesses a reliable service and predictable monthly costs. Depending on the level of support needed and size of business, Vodafone have a choice of support models available to help customers during deployment and activation.