The O2 mobile network is a key choice for business users and here you can build your own bespoke O2 deal to meet your individual business needs. Whether that need is multiple O2 handsets or multiple O2 business tariffs, we can help you find a solution that is cost effective yet flexible to suit your whole workforce.

O2 deals cover a wide spectrum of usage types from those that only make a few calls a month through to those who need unlimited everything. We have a wide range of O2 phones, but here’s our top 3 picks that are extremely popular for business users.

To view the level of coverage in your area view the ofcom coverage checker


From 15th June 2017 O2 customers have been able to use their UK allowances when roaming in the O2 Europe Zone. For calling and texting this means you can make calls and send texts back to the UK or within O2’s Europe Zone like you do in the UK.

What’s included at no extra charge:

• Making and receiving calls and sending texts when you’re abroad in the O2 Europe Zone (e.g. a call from France to France)

 • Calls and texts to the United Kingdom from any country within the Europe Zone (e.g. a call from France to UK)

• Calls and texts whilst abroad within the Europe Zone to any other country within the Zone (eg - A call from France to Spain

 • Calls to your voicemail and receiving voicemails.

What’s not included:

• Making calls or sending texts when you are in the United Kingdom to other countries

 • Making calls or sending texts to premium rate numbers and other non-geographic numbers (which can vary over time) aren’t included

• Making calls or sending texts from within the Europe Zone to a country outside the Europe Zone.

In addition to calls and texts, O2 customers can use their monthly data allowance whilst in the Europe Zone.

• When you use data in the Europe Zone it will just decrement from your allowance as within the UK.

• If you run out of data whilst in the Europe Zone then you can buy more data - the options and cost are the same as you will see in in the UK and if you buy one and do not use it all before returning from our Europe Zone, you will still be able to use it when back in the UK. If you buy more data in the UK and then go to the Europe Zone, it will also be valid for use.

 • If you use your phone in a country outside of the Europe Zone, normal Roaming charges will apply.

47 Countries that are now included in the O2 Roam like at home zone:

Austria, French, Guiana, Latvia, Reunion Islands, Azores, Germany, Liechtenstein, Romania, Belgium, Gibraltar, Lithuania, Saint Barthelemy, Bulgaria, Greece, Luxembourg, Saint Martin, Canary Islands, Guadeloupe Madeira San Marino Croatia, Guernsey, Malta, Slovakia, Cyprus, Hungary, Martinique, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Iceland,Monaco, Spain, Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, Estonia, Isle of Man, Norway, Switzerland, Finland, Italy, Poland, Vatican City, France, Jersey, Portugal.

O2 WIFI & 4G Calling –
WIFI calling allows customers with suitable handsets to make and receive calls using any secure WIFI connection. The key benefit of WIFI calling is that you can make business calls on the move, in areas with no mobile coverage for example on the London underground.

Wifi and 4G Calling is currently available on the following devices: iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, 8, 7 Plus, 7, 6s Plus, 6s, 6 Plus, 6, SE, Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 Plus, S8, S8 Plus, Note8, S7, S7 edge and J3 2017, Sony Xperia XZ Premium, Xperia XA2, Xperia XZ1, Xperia XZ1 Compact

How can Microsoft Office 365 help your business?:
Office 365 can give your business the credibility it deserves.  For a very low monthly fee you can get access to your own domain email, website and the latest version of the Microsoft Office Suite.  Office 365 is a secure and professional cloud-based (externally hosted) IT service. Choosing Office 365 will allow your business to work virtually anywhere you want on the device of your choice.

What are the features of O365?
Microsoft 365 is an all-in-one solution that brings together productivity tools, collaboration, security and device management capabilities with EMS, Office 365 and Windows 10 for small to mid-size businesses with Microsoft 365 F1 and Microsoft 365.

For Larger companies, there is Microsoft 365 Enterprise, this helps customers to protect their businesses from new cyber threats, prevent data leaks and safeguards their data.

Microsoft O365 is perfect for ensuring that businesses are protected and secure. If you or your customers worry about keeping company data protectedwith employees that use their own devices for work or worry about managing multiple security products from different vendors? These security based tools include; identity and access management, information protection, threat protection and security management


Office 365 can give your business the credibility it deserves.  For a very low monthly fee you can get access to your own domain email, website and the latest version of the Microsoft Office Suite.  Office 365 is a secure and professional cloud-based (externally hosted) IT service. Choosing Office 365 will allow your business to work virtually anywhere you want on the device of your choice.

O2 will help your business get the most out of Office 365, and will be available for both set-up and on-going support, including help with migrating any existing data. Another great benefit for getting your Office 365 with O2 is that you get access to Microsoft accredited technical experts available via Freephone.  If you’re unhappy with the product their ‘Happiness Guarantee’ gives you 30 days to change your mind.

Activating your Office 365 Licenses

Get the most out of your solution by getting your users set-up as quickly as possible. We've prepared a O2 Microsoft Office 365 Activation Guide to help you out.

Conference calling from your mobile. Now easier than ever. And user friendly too!

O2 Just Call Me takes the hassle out of setting up conference calls. Download the app. Set the date and time. Invite people. All they have to do is dial your mobile number to join. Arrange as many conference calls as you need - they're all covered by your monthly fee of £5.

This eliminates the need to use expensive conference numbers with premium dial in rates Instead all you need to do is press the button within the app and then give all attendees your phone number to dial in.

To find out more go to:


McAfee Multi Access

McAfee Multi Access is a business app that protects users from cyber threats including loss, theft, viruses and spam. It is a multi-device, cross-platform cyber security solution. McAfee Multi-Access supports all main platforms (iOS, Android, Windows and Mac) and devices (Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops/PCs).

The McAfee Multi-Access app can be bought on a 30 day, 12 month or 24 month contract.  It costs only £3 per month per user and can licence up to 5 devices. If additional devices are needed it will cost an additional £1 per device per month.

Once you’ve installed it, you can track, lock, back up or wipe your devices.

Protect up to 5 devices: Visit websites, shop and bank securely on all your devices. McAfee Multi-Access covers all types of devices and you can protect up to 5 under one subscription. Don’t just protect your PC or MAC, add security to your laptop, smartphone and tablet too.
Protect your customers too: Passing viruses or malware onto your customers can damage your company reputation. McAfee multi access stops this from happening by scanning everything you send whilst anti spam filters will block any dangerous emails or unwanted phonecalls that come your way.

Managing Devices: Secure data on stolen or lost devices with remote lock and data wiping. You can track your phone wherever it is, all from one management console.

Good Value: You get all of this, for just 10p per day added onto your O2 bill, which keeps things simple.

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How do I activate McAfee after I've bought it?

Please see the guides below for how you set up users as an administrator initially and also as an end user on your own device:

McAfee Activation Guide for Administrators

McAfee Activation Guide for End Users


Box is a highly secure business app that allows you to share and store content online. This business app is available on many devices so you can access content from virtually anywhere, using Smartphones, Tablets, the Web, and Desktop Computers.

There are four payment plans for Box, starting from £3.50 per month with a 30 day rolling contract.

Business benefits of Box

  • Quick, easy and secure file sharing internally and externally from your business.
  • Secure collaboration by setting permissions for access, password protections and see user access stats.
  • Access everything, anywhere wherever you are, you can view, share and edit any kind of file.
  • Quick start up time.

How do I order O2 Box?

Box can be purchased if you have an existing O2 Business Mobile account, or in conjunction with setting up your new O2 business mobile. The monthly cost for Box will be added to your mobile bill.

Please call 0800 049 6000 to add Box to your new or existing O2 Business Mobile.

How do I activate O2 Box?

Box Activation Guide for Administrators

Box Activation Guide for End Users

MaaS360 is an easy-to-use mobile device management (MDM) platform which gives you a powerful suite of tools to handle the management and security of all your mobile devices – and all from a single screen. 

Think of MaaS360 as a quick and easy way to make sure all mobile devices are secure. It prevents the bad things from getting in, and the good things from leaking out of a corporate network. 

It’s Cloud-based, so customers can go online and manage all their mobile devices from virtually anywhere. 

• Add, remove and set up devices

• Sync with all major email, calendar and contact platforms 

• Control wifi settings and software updates

• Encrypt devices to protect business data

• Blacklist or whitelist specific apps on devices

• Find, lock and wipe lost phones and tablets

• Report on data usage usage and plan for future use 

• Separate corporate data from other activity on your devices 

• Prevent data leaks with secure container policies. 

• Detects and fixes mobile malware on iOS and Android devices