The EE mobile network is a great choice for business customers. EE was launched as the UK’s first 4G network. As a network for businesses, EE is a popular choice for great value deals and is widely recognised for the quality of its network with more than its fair share of awards. There are various EE business tariffs and phones which can be grouped together to form the perfect cost effective package.

EE deals can be created to suit both high and low usage members of your workforce. 

To view the level of coverage in your area view the ofcom coverage checker

EE was created by the team that brought Orange and T-Mobile together and was the first to introduce 4G mobile services to the UK in 2012. EE offers the below products and services to suit businesses of all sizes.

Mobile Solutions with EE are easy, fast and convenient, choose from a solo or shared plan that will help your business stay in constant touch with both employees and customers - giving your business a competitive edge. For further details on business plans please call 0800 049 600 or compare networks by visiting our deal builder.

Access your data anywhere. Keep your business productive even if your employees are away from the office. EE superfast 4G mobile data is around 5 times faster than 3G so you can do things like checking email, downloading documents and video calling with great ease and speed. EE tethering (using your mobile to connect to a laptop or tablet to the internet) means you can use your mobile like a dongle via Bluetooth, USB or portable Wi-Fi hotspot. Alternatively you can use mobile broadband via a dongle or device and take advantage of superfast 4GEE. Particularly beneficial for those employees frequently traveling by train because if you come out of range, you can seamlessly trip onto the EE 3G network (the biggest in the UK).

Wherever your job takes you, EE can make it stress-free for you and your people to stay online and on the phone whilst keeping control of costs.

A landline number for your mobile, all the benefits of a landline without the actual landline. This Pocket Landline product is available as an add-on with any EE plan.  Pocket Landline will help you look established, and allows your business to always be contactable on a local number even when you’re out and about. Already have a landline? Not a problem, subject to a few checks we can transfer the number.

Ideal for businesses where face to face meetings aren’t always possible. With EE you can get everyone together (up to 6 people) on one call, plus every user can then add up to five more people. As well as the benefit of convenience, this will also save your business money on office space, train fares and petrol.