LG G4 Metallic Back

G4 Metallic Back
G4 Metallic Back G4 Metallic Back

Colour: grey

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Network Generation:4G
Operating System:ANDROID Android 5.1 Lollipop
Dimensions:148.9 x 76.1 x 9.8mm
Screen Size:5.5
3G Talktime:20 Hours
Camera:16 megapixels
Internal Memory:32GB

Professionals looking for a premium smartphone should seriously consider a move away from Apple, Samsung and BlackBerry. This may seem like a bold statement but the LG G4 has a specification to challenge any smartphone on sale in the UK. It has many business-friendly features such as Air Drive wireless file sharing, a removable battery and the new Event Package which offers enhanced calendar management with a simple drag and drop interface. Further features that may appeal to professionals include the LG Health app, built-in GPS navigation and app downloads from the Google Play app store.

The LG G4 is refreshingly different to most run of the mill smartphones. Inspired by artisanal precision, the G4 has a choice of premium back covers that come in metallic grey, ceramic white, gold, and genuine leather which make it stand out from the crowd.The durable slim arc design allows for a natural, firm grip and was createdwith the ideal user experience in mind.

Performance– A 64-bit hexa-core processor with 3GB RAM offers peak app performance as well as giving an improved 4G browsing experience with true multitasking. The 64-bit processor is also required to take advantage of the latest features that come with the Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system.

Display– The 5.5-inch display has super high definition with 2560 x 1440 pixels. The visual experience has been enhanced further with 50% more contrast, 25% higher brightness levels and 56% improved colour reproduction compared to the LG G3. A new HDMI SlimPort is also built in to allow presentations, images and videos to be shown in 4K high-definition on a 4K TV or projector.

Storage– A generous 32GB memory is included but jobs that require masses of data to be stored on a smartphone are amply taken care of with support for 2TB (Terabyte) memory cards. This gives the LG G4 almost a 16-fold advantage over its competitors.

Calendar management– The new Event Package feature is perfect for business users with a simple drag and drop motion placing events into the calendar. This information can then be used by the calendar to make venue recommendations as well as things to do based upon the location.

Smart Notice– The LG G4 really gives control to its user with the option to create action formulas for handling routine tasks automatically. Individual ring tones can also be allocated to specific contacts which can be useful for highlighting incoming priority calls.

Air Drive– This feature quickly enables wireless file sharing with a PC or laptop, negating the need for cables.

Notifications– Glance View makes it quick and easy to check notifications. A simple finger swipe downwards when the screen is off gives a glimpse of notifications as well as other important information such as the time and date.

Camera– Photographers will find the LG G4 extremely useful with images stored in either JPEG or RAM formats. RAW images hold all of the original photographic data captured by the lens for professional post production editing. The 16 megapixel resolution gives highly detailed results and the f1.8 lens lets in far more light than the camera lenses used on the latestApple iPhoneandSamsung Galaxyphones. The LG G4’s camera also uses an infrared sensor to measure all visible light, a laser for accurate focus, adjustable shutter speeds of up to 30 seconds and Light Trail Effect tracing for creative results.

Power– The 3000mAh battery is removable so business users who travel or use their phone heavily can swap out the battery with a fully charged one, sold separately. Super power saving mode is on hand for those who don’t wish to purchase a second battery and this mode intelligently ends certain non-essential features running in the background at certain battery levels to save power and extend the standby time.

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