Apple iPhone 6s 32GB

iPhone 6s 32GB
iPhone 6s 32GB
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Network Generation:4G
Operating System:APPLE IOS iOS 9
Dimensions:138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1 mm
Screen Size:4.7
3G Talktime:14 hours
Camera:12 megapixels
Internal Memory:32GB

The Apple iPhone 6s introduces a new pressure sensitive screen and it is quite remarkable at just how much this will change the user’s experience. Labelled as 3D Touch, the new feature is designed to make things simpler, while reducing the numerous menu-steps needed to create an action.

Professionals are already used to touch operations such as swipe and pinch & zoom and 3D Touch adds two new motions called Peek and Pop. The Peek feature is employed by pressing lightly on the screen, while the Pop feature is activated by pressing harder.

3D Touch, Peek and Pop examples:

  • Email - From the inbox it is possible to Peek at the content of an email without opening it up. A deeper press will Pop open the email.
  • Maps - When an address is mentioned in correspondence or on the web, users can Peek at a map or press harder to Pop up the Maps navigation screen.
  • Websites - A light press on a URL or link allows the user to see a Peek preview of the website, add more pressure and the website will Pop open.
  • Notes app - Press lightly to draw with fine lines, press more firmly to draw with thicker lines.
  • Photography - Take a Peek at photos in the camera’s carousel or Pop them open.
  • Quick Action menus - The icons on the Home screen can pressed to Pop up quick actions. For example, the messages icon has a Pop up menu with the options to write a new message or reach out directly to the user’s most important contacts. 

Touch ID Security

As a business where security is a priority, the iPhone 6s is a great option. With its second generation Touch ID technology you can ensure the right person is the only one who can access sensitive information on the phone.

Super Charged Chipset

Regardless of how many business apps or tasks you’re doing on the iPhone 6s, the handset will handle things effortlessly. Accessing key information quickly is a breeze on the iPhone 6s.


iPhone 6s 32GB Business Contracts

The iPhone 6s is superb choice for an Apple iPhone with a super-charged chip, stunning design and solid build. Through Carphone Warehouse Business, you’ll be able to secure the best iPhone business contract deals for your business.

1Data plan required. 4G LTE Advanced and 4G LTE are available in selected markets and through selected carriers. Speeds are based on theoretical throughput and vary based on site conditions and carrier. For details on 4G LTE support, contact your carrier and visit

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