Alcatel OneTouch Pixi 3 (3.5)

OneTouch Pixi 3 (3.5)
OneTouch Pixi 3 (3.5)

Colour: black

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Network Generation:3G
Operating System:ANDROID KitKat (4.4)
Dimensions:112.2 x 62 x 11.9 mm
Screen Size:3.5 inches
3G Talktime:6 hour and 30 Minutes
Camera:2 megapixels
Internal Memory:4 GB

This device is ideal for small businesses who need a phone that has a good battery life, a good camera and a fast processor at a reasonable price.

Alcatel has designed the Pixi 3 (3.5 inch display) to be comfortable for everyday usage. Its small and lightweight body means it easily fits in the palm of your hand or even in your pocket.

The 2MP camara is perfect for grabbing quick photos when you need them. The Alcatel Pixi 3 (3.5) has a dual core processor. That means it can handle more than one thing at once while still running smoothly.

Its battery talk time is up to 6 hours 30 minutes, or it’ll stay charged for up to two weeks on standby.

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The Clubhouse

“I spoke with a lovely person on the phone and she sold it for me she was fantastic everything was as she said. I am quite happy with the service  I am glad no-one tried to sell me anything I didn't want or need, good customer service.”
"good customer service"

Garland Partners Limited

"We have worked with Carphone Warehouse Business for over 3 years. Our complex requirements for mobile telephony and data connectivity across multiple UK operators has been 100% satisfied by the CPW team at all times. Access to multiple operators through a single provider has greatly improved efficiency, brought us significantly higher levels of service, and ensures we get the best possible contracts for our needs. Having a dedicated Account Manager means our requirements are understood, and new offerings are visible at all times. This is not something we could achieve previously."
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