2020 – The year of 5G.

No really, we mean it.

Yep, we’ve heard all about it. 2019 was the year 5G finally launched.

Was it though?

With it currently only available in select locations in the UK, and just a handful of brands releasing 5G phones, most of us are still yet to experience its benefits…

Well, 2020 will change that.

With more brands expected to launch 5G mobiles this year (cue Apple, Nokia and Sony), and 5G support continuing to be a driving factor in terms of growth for the mobile sector - Sky, for example, is set to launch 5G in 50 new UK locations in 2020 - we want to show you why it matters for your small business and the benefits it can bring.

Here’s three things every small business should care about when it comes to the latest network:

1.  Speed up your biz

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of 5G is, put simply, speed.

The fifth-generation network is more than 20 times faster than its predecessor, 4G. This is great news for small businesses that rely on lots of file sharing or accessing large files via the cloud, as download times are dramatically decreased. 

2.  Great chat

Yep, that’s right, 5G has great chat – sorry, by that, we mean ‘communication’.

5G is expected to have a big impact on the way small business teams communicate with one another. In a supercharged world, digital interactions become even more instant.

Conference calls conducted via video will no longer be a patchwork of low-quality visuals, crackly sounds and inconsistent shared access to files. Instead they’ll become what they always promised to be, like having a conversation with a colleague across a kitchen table.

3.  Internet of…


By offering increased connectivity, 5G will also better prepare you for innovations like the Internet of Things and that has serious potential for small businesses. Through the application of the Internet of Things, small businesses will be able automate processes you’d previously have to be reliant on your team (or you) to do.

A simple example of how many small businesses are already embracing the Internet of Things is through the adoption of tech. Smart sensors, such as NEST’s Learning Thermostat, that can automatically turn on the air conditioning should your office reach a certain temperature – meaning your team can keep up the good work, whatever the weather!

To re-cap, 2020 will be the year of 5G. Forget the ‘yeah, I kind of understand it’. People and more importantly, small businesses, across the UK will be experiencing real, tangible benefits.

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